• "My time as a client of Burn by Han was incredible. I learned and developed so much throughout the process. Hannah is very hands on and was always checking in on my process and provided amazing resources. The app was also amazing, so helpful to have everything in one place, workouts, macros, steps, everything you need. Coach Shannon was the BEST coach I could have asked for. She was so detailed and personable, my experience with her was amazing. She personalized my meal plans and workouts to my specific needs and broke down why she chose what she did and explained any changes she made. It was all very calculated to my body type and exercise levels, while still being very hands on and personal. The resources were endless, from educational zoom calls to food guides and a personalized folder with a breakdown of macros. These ladies changed my life, they set me up for success when I was ready to begin working out on my own, they made sure I was prepared with all the necessary tools to still succeed without them. I cannot say enough amazing things about this program, it is really a community. "

  • " I came to coach Hannah Ruth in January motivated but discouraged with my fitness. I would workout for a few months then quit because I wasn't seeing any results. Yo-yo dieting, always fighting to keep weight off, never truly content with my body image - now I've done a complete 180. When I came to coach Hannah I was terrified to eat anything because I was afraid of gaining more weight. I went from eating 1600 calories 40 grams of protein to eating 2200 calories and 165 grams of protein. My relationship has completely changed with food and I can't thank the coaches enough for that! Becoming apart of this amazing group of women has been one of the best decisions I've ever made!"

  • “Since joining this team, the progress I have seen has been amazing! I have worked with coaching before, but this time I came in with a totally different mindset. I wanted to show myself that I can do hard things and I can work hard to achieve goals. Working with Mikayla is a bond that truly will last a lifetime. She understands me and my needs and adjusts my workouts and routine to my daily schedule. We work on goals I set together and if I need her, I can just message her! I don't have just access to Mik though, I can reach out to the whole team if I need anything! This team truly is the best and I couldn't imagine working with any other team!”

    Abby W.
  • "Since I started not only has my weight changed, my skin has cleared up, I have way more energy and more drive to get my day started, where before I had to drag myself out of bed. I can look at my body and be proud of the progress I have made. I've still got a long way to go but from then to now is such a drastic change in my mental state and I can't thank you enough!"

    Anne F.
  • "I've wanted to lose weight for so long and nothing was working. I can't believe this is my body! I can't wait to keep working on myself. Thanks for helping change my life for the better!"

  • "The progress I've made over the past 6 months have been amazing! I started only eating around 1200 calories a day and am now at almost 2000 and have lost 20lbs, countless inches and gained so much confidence with this program. If you've been on the fence about 1:1 coaching take the leap. I can't recommend it enough!"

  • "Friends. If any of you ladies are thinking about taking the leap for 1:1 coaching- Take. The. Leap. When I started this journey, I was low. Like the lowest I've felt in a long time. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, I was stuck in such a negative headspace, and above all I was so ashamed. I thought I was doing everything right- eating decently, exercising all the time (sometimes twice a day) but it did not look or feel right. In 3 months with Hannah and Mik, I've learned more about fueling and cherishing my body than I did in the 27 years prior. We believe in eating and resting and living the good life! Put good in and get good out, you know? Committing to this program and working with Mikayla Merrill has been easily one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself."

  • "The reason why I joined coaching is because for the last 6 yrs I have been yo-yo dieting, such as keto, low calories etc. none of these diets have gotten me any where but to binge. I would constantly be in this vicious cycle between dieting and binge eating. These are the reasons I decided to choose 1 on 1 coaching and let me tell you it has been amazing so far. My relationship with food has changed substantially. I feel I can eat and fuel my body without feeling guilty after. I feel more energized and healthier as a whole. I've seen more progress in myself in the last 4 weeks then I have in all those years I was dieting. I am excited to see what these next couple months bring!"

  • "I feel so comfortable and confident in my skin. Thank you! I was just looking at my before and after pictures too and I am blown away!"

    Vica D.
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