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Booty Boot Camp 2.0

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Let’s get those Booty gains! Booty Boot Camp 2.0 is a fitness guide focused on glute growth. This guide includes 8 weeks of exercises to help you gain in all the right areas, providing you with:

  • glute activation before each workout

  • workouts with weights and workouts with no equipment necessary

  • 4 workout options each week

  • specific cardio to help you with glute growth


This guide needs to be downloaded within 24 hours of purchasing. No refunds.

By purchasing this program you understand that partaking in these movements can cause injury if not done correctly and Hannah Ruth Fitness is not liable for any injuries caused.


** Disclaimer: Hannah Ruth Fitness LLC does not guarantee results nor is the entity responsible for any personal physical or mental injuries incurred during the duration of this guide. The client is solely responsible for her results and any harm that may be incurred.

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